Exams and Cleanings

Comprehensive Exam

During our patients’ initial exam, we examine more than just the teeth. We perform a thorough oral cancer screening, TMJ (jaw joint) exam, and periodontal charting (to determine the health of the gums), as well as an evaluation of our patients’ bite or occlusion. We have state of the art digital x-rays and a Panorex x-ray machine to aid us in our diagnoses. We also have both digital and intra-oral cameras to photograph teeth in question. To supplement our visual exam, we have a specialized “cavity detecting laser” called the Diagnodent, which helps to differentiate stain in teeth from early caries (tooth decay). With these tools and our thorough visual exam, we can, with certainty, create an accurate treatment plan for our patients.

If we determine that our patients may be at high risk for caries or decay, we offer a unique system to accurately measure the number of cavity-causing bacteria in our patients’ mouths. This system is called “Caries Free” and involves a simple swab of the teeth that we use to measure caries risk. If our patients do indeed have a high risk for decay, we have a special mouth rinse system that not only kills the cavity-causing bacteria, but provides the mouth with fluoride, and creates an oral environment that best promotes healthy, caries-free teeth. Our goal is to diagnose any problems early, so that we can be conservative and minimally invasive, yet comprehensive in our treatments.

Periodontal Cleanings

Our office prides itself in keeping our patients’ gums as healthy as we can. Our highly skilled hygienists track our patients’ periodontal status and keep their gums healthy with regular cleanings. We offer the “ultrasonic” Cavitron to aid in cleaning, as well as various rinses and gels to numb the gums in case of sensitivity. After thorough charting of pockets, our hygienists determine if our patients need a deeper cleaning (called Scaling and Root Planing) or just a routine cleaning, and we see our patients as frequently as needed to ensure optimal gingival health. Our hygienists are also great at instructing patients on home care, and we offer numerous home health care aids, such as electric toothbrushes and water picks, as well as complimentary toothbrushes, floss, periodontal aids, mouth washes etc.